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Sign Services, Inc. is a custom sign company. As such everything we do is designed specifically to fit each customers needs and no two are alike.  This applies to all areas of production from large pylon signs right down to small window graphics.  We cover a large range of products and services so the chances that we can do exactly what our customer is looking for, is a sure thing.  No project is too large or too small and all are handled with prompt and professional attention.  Please take a look through past projects we have done and see what is the right route for you.


In addition to the products below we also provide ADA signage, parking and motorist signage, banners and portable signage.  If you don't see what you are looking for please inquire.

Letter Sets

Letter Sets are available in a number of forms.  They can be channel letters which are basically a formed sign can with faces.  These can be illuminated with LED's or neon or can be non-illuminated.  There are also flat cut acrylic letters, formed acrylic letters, metal letters and so on.  Letters sets can come with or without logos.  They can be mounted directly to the mounting surface or placed on a raceway and can be utilized inside or out.  With such a vast array of styles we are sure to be able to provide exactly what our customer is looking for.


Awnings serve a number of purposes.  Often the fascia of an awning works much like a wall sign and is an excellent place to display your business name and logo or any other information for customers as they enter an establishment.  Awnings also work well as a barrier for sunlight and weather over windows and doorways and are available in a multitude of colors and patterns.  They can also be illuminated from the interior increasing visibility and creating  lighting for entrances. Retractable awnings are also available as both manual and motorized.

Vehicle Graphics

Putting graphics on a vehicle is an excellent way to to advertise to a vast number of people.  They can be as simple as a single color on a door or window, layouts with multiple colors or even a full vehicle wrap.  It all depends on what our customer is trying to accomplish.  Are they trying to mark a vehicle as belonging to a certain company, or are they trying to grab the attention of everyone who sees it? Here at Sign Services Inc we do both and everything in between.

Custom Displays

Sign Services Inc has done a number of custom displays.  These can be wall murals of any size, architectural displays, clocks and so on.  Custom means we will work with our customer to find what the focus of a display is and how best to accomplish it.

LED Displays

LED's have taken the industry by storm. Not only are they bright and eye catching, but they are also much more efficient to run than most lighting option. LED's are available in several forms. They can be time/ temperature units, pricing units, scoreboards or message boards. LED's are available in single color option are multi color options with a variety of resolutions. We provide Daktronics LED systems as they are at the top of the industry in quality.

"Daktronics offers the most complete line of electronic scoreboards and display products of any company in the world, featuring long-lasting light emitting diode (LED)-based systems."

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs refer to any free standing signage.  Free standing being any sign that is mounted to a pole or poles.  These can be any size and can have one or multiple faces and cabinets.  They can be as simple as one cabinet mounted to a pole but can also be dressed up in a number of ways.  We can add decorative caps, pole shrouds, decorative scrolls, LED or Neon light strips and so on.  In many cases the pylon sign is the first place our customers image is seen and we know what they say about first impressions.

Building Sign

Building signs are basically any sign cabinet mounted to the wall of roof of a building. Typically these are single sided signs unless it is flag mounted, meaning it stands away from the wall and is viewable from two sides. Building signs are either a box can or a contour can. Box cans being of a square or rectangular shape while a contour can follows the basic shape of the graphics without being seperate peices. Building signs can be illuminated or not. They can be very simple and basic or thay can be jazzed up. There are many options when deciding what type of sign best suits ones needs. Often when there is no pylon sign, the building sign becomes your primary signage.

Directories and Wayfinding

Directories commonly refer to signage where there are several business or divisions listed with direction as to where they are. These can be inside or out and can use arrows as guides or descriptions such as floor number, suite number etc. Directories typically are used to guide patrons when there are multiple locations.

Wayfinding refers to signage with basic instructions. These can be enter/ exit signage, Do not enter or "Business" straight ahead. They are a simple and effective way to guide patrons to their end destination.

Canopy Wraps

Sign Services, Inc is an approved installer for most of the major oil companies in Maine and Northern New England.  This would include Irving Oil, Shell and Citgo just to name a few.  We also design, manufacture and install canopy wraps and graphics for customers not branded.  This would include anyone who sells gasoline, but is not directly affiliated with any of the major distrubuters.  


Sign Services Inc is one of the few places in this area to have an in house Neon Plant.  This means that not only can we service and repair your existing neon but we can custom design any layout or project you have in mind.  Use it as exposed letters, or accent a printed graphic.  There is nothing quite like the look of neon.

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